Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We have opened up most countries around the world and are continuing to add more remote countries as we grow.

It's extremely important to be aware of your own local laws. Gladfellow is not responsible for any loss due to confiscated packages by customs in your country or if taxes of any kind are charged to you upon delivery of your purchase. Prior to purchasing, please do your own research on customs, prohibited items, restrictions, taxes, duties, and limited delivery locations via your shipping method.

If you are ordering from these countries, please familiarize yourself with our shipping and return policies for important information regarding customs and local laws.

Why are the duties so high on shipments to my country and can this be avoided?

The simple answer is that we don't know, and we have no control over it.

Each government has their own trade agreements. For example, Canada's threshold on imposing import duties is quite low. This means someone from Canada doesn't have to order that much before they will have to pay duties on what they order (and those duties aren't cheap). We wish it wasn't this way, but it is.

What we can say is that we are beholden to the truth when it comes to listing the actual value of the items we ship. Under no circumstances can we adjust this value to avoid import duties.

We hope that you still order with us and trust us that we will continue to try to get these items shipped to you in the most affordable and secure way possible.

What if my package is lost or stolen?

We obviously want your orders in your hands. And thankfully, our shipping providers are very good at getting the package to you on time and safely. However, we do hear of package theft from time to time.

While every service we use for shipping comes with tracking and $100 of insurance, this insurance only covers lost packages while in transit. Once your package has been marked "delivered", the insurance will no longer cover your goods for being lost or stolen.

Please keep in mind that once we hand your package to the shipping provider, Gladfellow is not accountable for lost or stolen packages while the package is in transit.

If you’re having trouble tracking a shipment, you’ll need to contact your local post office and/or parcel carrier for assistance. We will happily assist in any insurance claims process, but please note this process takes time to resolve (up to eight weeks) and we will not send replacements until an insurance claim is honored and fulfilled.

If a decision to send a replacement is ultimately made, Gladfellow reserves the right to mail the replacement via any shipping method available.

How come you don't offer free shipping internationally? It's really expensive to ship to my country.

Right? We agree. Shipping is really expensive. And unfortunately, shipping prices go up year to year.

What we can tell you is we make zero dollars from shipping. We never add any sort of fulfillment fees or hidden costs. What you pay in shipping is what the shipper costs.

In regards to why we can't offer free shipping internationally, the simple answer is that would put us out of business. While USPS offers a cheaper option (not by much), it comes with four to eight week wait times, no tracking, and no insurance. For these reasons, we do not see the value in offering this service.

Please know we are always looking for more economical ways to work with our international customers. If we ever discover better and more affordable ways to ship out of the US, we will definitely let you know.


Do you accommodate special orders?

Yes. We sometimes are able to accommodate a special order. For example, if you see a brand we offer and do not see the specific product you want from that brand, we can sometimes retrieve it for you. While there is no additional cost for this service, it can take more time than a regular order and sometimes involves heftier shipping fees (since some of our products are international and small orders dictate higher shipping fees). Either way, feel free to reach out and ask if you are interested.

Do you offer promo codes?

We offer a one time 10% off for subscribing to our email list. The offer is valid for first orders only and is not applicable to products made by Wingback or HASSLER INSTRUMENTS.

Outside of that promotion, we generally do not offer discounts because we believe the goods we offer are worth the price at which they are listed.

If for some reason we do release a promo code, we will be vocal about their availability and they will be limited in duration and scope. Signing up for our mailing list is the most efficient way to be the first to hear.

I saw an item I want, but it is out of stock. When will it be back in stock?

Our goods are of exceptional quality. We work with talented manufacturers, expert leather workers, small businesses, and master craftsman. Their work on these products takes time. Some of our items are custom and made-to-order. If you want to be the first to know about a restock, make sure to subscribe to that product's restock alert and we will continue to stock the store as fast as humanely possible. That being said, if you see something you like and it happens to be in stock, it's best to purchase it now. 

General Product Questions

I signed up for a "Back in Stock" alert on a product, received a notification the product was back in stock, but it sold out before I could buy it. Do I need to sign up for notifications again?

Yes. Since product notifications are not an official mailing list, anti-spam laws prevent us from emailing you constantly about the same product over and over again with no way to remove yourself from the list. If you received a restock notification and the product is already out of stock, you’ll need to sign up again if you still wish to receive notifications about the next restock.

Do you do custom engravings for items like flasks?

At the moment, we do not officially offer custom engravings. However, feel free to email us at and we will do our absolute best to help you get exactly what you want.

Do you ship knives internationally?

For a variety of reasons, no. We're terribly sorry we can't accommodate these orders at the moment, but keeping up with knife laws around the world is something that we have decided to avoid for the time being.

I keep missing the drop for the Hassler Instruments watch spring bar tool. Can I special order the spring bar tool?

No. Hassler Instruments has a two year wait list for the tool. The drops are the only way to jump the line, and for that reason, they will remain random.

Your best bet at getting one is signing up for product notifications. You will have to do this after each drop until you are able to purchase one as we can't keep your email on file for specific product notifications alone.

Those who join our Gladfellow mailing list and follow our instagram receive additional hints on upcoming release dates and times. Please consider following us for the leg up.

Can I buy more than one Hassler Instrument watch spring bar tool?

We only allow one purchase per drop. If you order two at one time, we will immediately refund you the purchase of the second tool. There are no exceptions.

That being said, you are allowed to buy a second tool whenever there is another drop.

What flints do your lighters use?

Tokyo Pipe Co Field S+ & Field L: Replacement Flints

Kiribi & Tsubota Pearl: Replacement Flints

Tokyo Pipe Co Neo Type III & Type IV: Zippo flints only

im corona Old Boys: Replacement Flints

What maintenance does my lighter need?

Like many of the heirloom products we sell, your lighter will need occasional maintenance. In many ways, maintaining our lighters is as fulfilling as owning them.

If your lighter is having any sort of issues lighting, the culprit is generally one of four issues.

Issue #1: The cotton has dried out.

Solution #1: You need to refill the lighter with oil and/or butane.

Issue #2: Your flint is ground all the way down and the flint wheel does not have enough flint to spark against.

Solution #2: Replace the flint. The process for doing so on these lighters is different from lighter to lighter, but usually there is an area you can unscrew that allows you to add flint to the lighter. Please ask if you need help finding it.

Issue #3: The flame is extremely low or has a hard time lighting even though you have plenty of fuel in the lighter and enough flint to spark a flame.

Solution #3: Your wick needs to be trimmed. This can generally be done with a pair of tweezers. Grab tight of the end of the wick, pull up, and cleanly trim the wick flush to the top of opening of the lighter. If you are out of wick, you'll need to purchase a new wick kit and insert the new wick. With some of our lighters, the wick is held in place by a small, metal prongs. The prongs can be bent away from the wick to allow you to pull the wick up through them. You can then secure the wick by bending the prongs back against the wick.

Issue #4: You have tried all of the above, but the lighter is sputtering (if butane) or appears wet, potentially too drenched in oil to light (if petrol).

Solution #4 (butane): You have either filled the lighter incorrectly, overfilled the lighter, or your gas is turned up too high. If turning the gas down does not solve the issue, try emptying the lighter completely and refilling it carefully according to the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure to use the best butane you a find. For recommendations on butane, check the product page of your lighter.

Solution #4 (petrol): You have most likely overfilled the lighter and drenched the wick. You can either let the wick dry out (recommended) or light the wick with another lighter and burn off the excess gas. Be very careful doing this as sometimes the gas has also drenched the outside of the lighter and the flame can spread down from the wick, lighting the outside of the lighter and potentially burning your hand and/or causing a fire.

If you are struggling with maintaining your lighter in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out. We love to gab about the maintenance process.

General Store Questions

Are you an authorized dealer of the items you carry?

Every brand we carry, we are authorized to carry. Furthermore, we only represent brands' products we have personally used and believe in. Because many of these brands are small businesses themselves, we do our best to protect their brand by not selling their products on Ebay, Amazon, or any other online marketplaces. We encourage you not to buy them there either, regardless if you ultimately choose us as your vendor of choice.

What does "EDC" stand for and what does it mean?

EDC, or Every Day Carry, refers to the essential items and tools that individuals choose to carry with them on a daily basis to be prepared for a variety of situations. It goes beyond just keys and wallets, often including items like multi-tools, flashlights, pocket knives, and even specialized gear tailored to individual needs. EDC enthusiasts see it as a practical and personalized approach to readiness, ensuring they are equipped for the unexpected challenges of daily life. Think of it as your daily survival kit, customized to suit your lifestyle and potential scenarios you might encounter.

Why don't you have reviews of products on your site?

The job of Gladfellow is to curate accessories that are unique, practical, beautiful, and sophisticated. We do this not by crowdsourcing opinions, but by using these products ourselves.

In that spirit, we stand by these products because we personally love them.

As we continue to build long term relationships with our customers, it's clear they trust our opinion on the matter without the need to sift through hundreds of other opinions. In fact, our customers appreciate the time they saved knowing that if we sell it, it's a great investment.

If a time comes when we stop believing in a product, we will no longer list it. It's that simple. Until then, if you see it listed on our site, we own it ourselves, we love it, and we know you will, too.

Where is your store located?

While we do not have a storefront (yet), Gladfellow's operations are located in Los Angeles, California.

Will I owe tax on my order?

As a California retailer, we are obligated to charge tax to anyone shopping from within California.

For the rest of you lucky folks, you will not pay tax.

If you are a California resident and this upsets you, please discuss with your local politicians. We have no control over why and how sales taxes are assessed.

I am a brand that would like to be featured on Gladfellow.

Amazing! Hit us up at and let's see if your product aligns with our vision. Either way, it's always good to meet a new friend and we look forward to chatting with you.

I found a tiny, black square piece of paper in the box of the item I bought. What is that?

Over time, brass and copper develop beautiful patinas. However, we prefer they arrive to you before they begin to patina. To help prevent premature tarnishing, we insert tarnish strips into each box containing brass or copper that is exposed to air. These strips absorb moisture and keep your goods in new condition until they arrive to you. You can simply throw them out once you open your package.

That being said, many of the items we sell are handmade. It is to be expected that there will be some minor, cosmetic imperfections. These simply add to the authenticity and uniqueness of these objects.

Do the best things come to those who wait?

Yes. We are aware that in the age of Amazon, the expectations are that if you want something, you can have it almost instantly. And perhaps even cheaper. However, there is great truth to the wisdom that waiting for something truly special - even just a few days extra - builds excitement, enhances patience, and allows you the space and time to focus on the present moment. When your goods arrive, it will be both a delightful surprise and a reminder that the best things in life really do come to those that wait.

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