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Banshu Hamono

Banshu Hamono Higonokami Folding Knife - Brass

Banshu Hamono Higonokami Folding Knife - Brass

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Known as the world’s simplest yet highly versatile folding knife, the Higonokami Folding Knife has kept its traditional shape since the Meiji era (1868-1912).

The blade is made of one of the hardest metals called Aogami (blue steel) and is hand forged using a process called Warikomi, which creates a "sandwich" blade structure enclosing the hard blue steel with soft iron. 

It's a minimalist beauty that will serve you well as your new, lifelong companion.  

  • Double-edged V-shaped. You can use either side, regardless of dominant hand.
  • Blue steel blade.
  • Authentic Higonokami handmade by master craftsmen.
  • Also available with a black oxide handle.
  • Made in Japan

Material: Blue steel "Warikomi"

Blade thickness: About 3.0mm

Handle (Scabbard): Brass*


Medium: 2.8" blade, 4" folded, 6.5" unfolded. (72mm blade, 102mm folded, 165mm unfolded)

Small: 1.5" blade, 2.5" folded, 3.5" unfolded. (38mm blade, 60mm folded, 91mm unfolded) 

*Brass will oxidize and develop a stunning patina. Please make sure to read our return policy regarding brass and copper products.

**Unfortunately, we do not offer international sales on knives.

Use & Care

  • Oiling the blade regularly can help prevent the development of rust. Knife maintenance oil or plain refined sunflower oil will work.
  • When the caulking becomes loose after long use, place it on something hard and tap on it with a hammer to adjust.
  • When the caulking is too tight to open the blade, hit the knife on the table with the "Chikiri (tail)" faced down.
  • Brass will patina over time, but can also be polished back to its original shine using a polish like Brasso.
  • As Higonokami knives are handmade, each Higonokami has its own characteristics and its tightness is not always the same.

The History of the Higonokami Knife

In 1896, Tasaburo Shigematsu brought back a knife he found from the Kyushu province and asked a knife maker named Teji Murakami from Hirata in the Miki region to manufacture it. With the recent abolition of the samauri class, blade-smiths welcomed the chance to create small tools and knives.

The knife was ultimately named a Higonokami knife. “Higo no Kami” in Japanese means “Lord of Higo”. Higo is the old name of the Kyushu province, where the original knife came from, but “Higo no Kami” is also an aristocratic title historically given to powerful samurais. 

About the Bladesmiths of Banshu Hamano

In 2013, the Mujun Company identified an emerging problem. Older expert craftsmen were slowly disappearing as mass-produced cutlery made the market increasingly competitive, and diminishing returns were discouraging the younger generation from learning their ancestors' trade. In response, Mujun collaborated with the Ono Kanamo Association, a local blacksmith association, to establish Banshu Hamono. This label encompasses a collection of items made by various blade-makers in the Banshu region of Hyogo prefecture, the oldest region where the blacksmith industry began in Japan. Banshu Hamono has since become a driving force in preserving the traditional skills of expert craftsmen and nurturing the future craftsmen of Japan.

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Return Policy

Returns are accepted up to 30 days after receipt of your order if the merchandise is in its original, unused condition, along with the original packaging. Brass products such the Higonokami Brass Folding Kinfe that have been handled and begun oxidizing are no longer considered new and unused and will not be eligible for a refund. Returns received after the 30 day period will not be accepted.

If the return is a result of our shipping error or a defective product, we will refund the non-expedited shipping costs of the return. Otherwise, return shipping costs are non-refundable. Please keep in mind, orders that initially shipped free will have the original shipping charges deducted from the refund. For our full return policy, please see return policies.

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