Not Just "Things"

The desire to possess "things" is not necessarily a materialistic endeavor. In fact, our possessions can oftentimes serve great value beyond the mere act of simply owning them.

Maybe the old, cordovan wallet passed down by your late father provides a daily reminder of his loving presence.

Maybe the brass pen you've religiously carried since college provides the necessary flourish for signing the deed to your first house; consummating a long sought after dream with a trusted tool that accompanied you on the path to achieve it.

Or perhaps an outage during a snowstorm provides a moment of gratitude for having stuck to the sacred routine of keeping your lucky lighter filled with petrol and ready to go. A warm fire and a swig of bourbon from your copper flask transform a scary moment into a beautifully tranquil memory.

Whatever your story may be, an heirloom quality, expertly crafted accessory can be your teammate in life - keeping you safe, amused, protected, and most importantly, joyous.

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