The Timeless Appeal of Quality Wallets: Why Craftsmanship Matters More Than Ever


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We live in a digital world. A question that often comes up in the accessories business is, "who needs a wallet in a digital world?" One could probably even argue that a luxury wallet is on the accessories extinction list: on the verge of forever being lost to time and relegated as a historical antiquity.

And for those that still prefer a wallet to a phone, cheap seems to be the smarter and more convenient choice. We say seems cheap because over time, the cost of cheap adds up. A badly made wallet with cheap elements must often be replaced.

Eventually, a realization occurs: there is an implicit value in quality craftsmanship. A value that exists not only in your savings over time, but in its significance as a celebration of craftsmanship itself.

A luxury wallet should be able to endure a lifetime, journeying alongside you through every adventure and milestone. It should evoke pride as you carry it, for it carries not only your essentials, but also the tales of your travels and experiences. It is truly more than an accessory; it is your faithful companion.

So today, we introduce you to the Gladfellow brand of wallets—masterpieces of artisanal skill and meticulous attention to detail. Crafted by an expert leatherworker in the USA, each wallet is a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional craftsmanship in a rapidly evolving world.

Let's delve deeper into what sets this these apart from the rest:

Why you should trust us:

  • We test each product vigorously and stand by their quality.
  • We are consumers ourselves, having bought and used the very products we sell.
  • We have an established presence in the EDC community and are known for our taste, attention to detail, and care for our customers.

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A Luxury Wallet Crafted with Care

Too often, a brand's name defines a product as luxury, while the components and craftsmanship of that product are anything but luxurious.

Top brands more often than not cut corners, resorting to mass production and occasionally compromising on the quality of materials. For example, leather is often replaced with nylon (secretly) in places you would not ordinarily look.

Our wallets are handcrafted using the finest cordovan and goat leather available. Our wallets contain zero nylon elements; they are crafted entirely from leather, from start to finish.

From the supple Japanese Shinki Hikaku shell cordovan exterior to the luxurious Alran Sully French chèvre interior, no detail is overlooked in the pursuit of perfection.

Meticulous Details

As you run your fingers over the buttery-soft leather and admire the rich, deep color, you can't help but feel a sense of luxury wash over you. It really is a special experience

Suddenly, it's something more. It's a statement piece that reflects your discerning taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Furthermore, cordovan ages beautifully, developing a stunning patina over time, making the color more complex and rich. It's truly a sight to behold. 

An image comparing the patina of a three year old Gladfellow bifold cordovan wallet.

Tailored to You

With four card slots and two under slot pockets, the Gladfellow wallet is designed to fit seamlessly into your front pocket (and life.) 

There is enough room for eight cards, cash, and even a pen; everything you could possibly need for a night out without overdoing your carry.

Furthermore, an underrated element of a front pocket wallet is that you will no longer endure the back pain that a thick, back pocket wallet creates as you sit on the wallet for hours on end, lopsided and uncomfortable. 

Lastly, a front pocket wallet is a protection measure from theft, as a pickpocket much prefers nabbing a wallet from behind, where it is easier to remain unseen and discreet.

Whether you're grabbing coffee on your morning commute or heading out for a night on the town, our wallet is the perfect companion for wherever life takes you.


In a world of mass-produced goods, owning a Gladfellow wallet is like owning a piece of art. 

Each is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, making it as unique and special as the person who carries it.

It's easy to distinguish the detail in this wallet, as well. Take a look at the stitching, for example. When stitching is done by hand and by a true expert, it's meticulously straight and clean.

Furthermore, you will not see corner fraying or stray thread. That's the quality control a master has over his work. 

While a cheap wallet will fray and tear within six months, a luxury cordovan wallet like the Gladfellow bifold will hold its shape. Even after years, you'd be hard pressed to find a stray thread or a frayed corner. 

An Investment in Quality

Price is always a concern when you consider a luxury item. That being said, we encourage you to think about cost per wear over price.

Cost per wear is calculated by dividing the price of the item by the number of times it's expected to be worn or used over its lifetime. This helps determine the item's true value and affordability over time.

Cheap typically refers to something that is low in cost. However, cheap may not necessarily offer good value in the long run if it quickly wears out or needs to be replaced frequently, resulting in a higher cost per wear.

For example, our cordovan wallets are roughly three hundred dollars. While they certainly can last a lifetime, let's pretend they only lasted three years. This would make the cost per wear roughly twenty seven cents.

Now, let's take a fifty dollar wallet that must be replaced every six months. Over the course of three years, you have replaced your wallet six times. The cost per wear is also roughly twenty seven cents.

After three years, the cost per wear of your cheap wallet is more expensive, while the cost per wear of your luxury wallet is less expensive. And your luxury wallet still has a lifetime of use left in it!  

Sometimes, it does save to be luxurious!


Are wallets on the accessories extinction list? Maybe. 

That being said, we know that style, luxury, sophistication, elegance, and an appreciation for quality will never be on any extinction list.

Our wallets encompass a nod to expert craftsmanship and style and will continue to do so for generations to come.

While made in extremely limited supply, if you see a one available, jump. You will not be disappointed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cordovan?

Cordovan is a type of leather that is highly regarded for its durability, smooth texture, and unique appearance. It comes from the hide of a horse, specifically from the fibrous flat muscle beneath the rump skin called the shell. Cordovan leather is known for its distinctive tight grain and glossy finish, which gives it a luxurious and refined look. It is often used in high-quality footwear, leather goods, and accessories due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, cordovan leather tends to develop a beautiful patina over time, further enhancing its attractiveness.

Where are these wallets made?

Right here in the USA!

Do you use nylon or any filler materials?

Nope! These are all leather, inside and out. 

Who We Are

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